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New Zealand is Very Investor




It's A Great Country. Invest  In It.

New Zealand’s similar political, legal, banking and regulatory environments to Australia’s make it easy for international investors to get involved.

While New Zealand itself benefits from no capital gains tax (CGT), it also has high tax benefits for investors such as expenses such as interest incurred on borrowings, depreciation and maintenance expenses relating to investment properties can be offset against rental income received, as is the case in Australia.

Many parts of the country are also experiencing  housing shortages which are translating into strong tenant demand and price growth, with rental yields generally between 5% to as high as 8%.

Many large cities around the world experience solid capital growth but often lack the rental returns.  New Zealand has good rental yields in most of its major cities which is ideal for investors seeking a capital growth oriented market plus a good cash flow.

New Developments


New Zealand's newest new apartment tower willshortly be launched. Sitting on top of the hill in th heart of the Aukland CBD, New Zealand has not seen a building of this quality before for some time.

With stunning water views and a superb location,there are just 157 opportunities to get a once in a lifetime freehold apartment on a low deposit until ....more


Find Your
Dream Apartment
Auckland offers investors great Real Estate Opportunities


Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and main hub for transportation. It is also the most populous urban area in the country with a population estimated at 1.42 million in 2014.


Auckland is one of the most business-friendly markets in the world. The city is New Zealand’s largest economy and it continues to grow. Read more...

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